What The Heck Are Lizzo, SZA, And Kehlani Up To Together?

It’s not everyday that three of the most popular women in the music industry are seen hanging out together, and when it does happen, it’s fair to speculate that they’re working on a project. That’s exactly what happened this week when Lizzo, SZA, and Kehlani were spotted together all over social media, and fans hope it means that a joint single is on its way.

The three musicians were seen out on the town by paparazzi Wednesday night. They were captured hand-in-hand in West Hollywood leaving a restaurant together. After the paparazzi photos circulated, Lizzo, SZA, and Kehlani got together to film a playful TikTok poking fun at men who try to take salacious selfies.


Sheeeeeesh 🧊🥶😎

♬ Sheeeshhh – King Julio

Shortly after the TikTok was posted to Lizzo’s account, Kehlani shared a selfie of the trio to her Instagram Stories.

Once fans caught wind that the three musicians were spending time together, many began to speculate that a joint project could very well be in the works.


While this may be the first time the three were captured hanging out together, SZA and Lizzo are already good friends. Earlier this week, Lizzo shared an unedited nude selfie to Instagram in order to change “the conversation about beauty standards.” SZA was quick to commend Lizzo for the photo in the comment section, writing: “It’s you having no blemishes at ALL lol .. sigh I jus admire u Fren.”

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