Lorde’s ‘Green Light’ Performance Went From Karaoke And Jeans To Pop Star At The Billboard Music Awards

Lorde kicked off her Billboard Music Awards performance in the most low-key way possible — rocking a jean jacket and doing her hit new single “Green Light” as karaoke. Eventually, of course, she had to leave this small confines and make her way out onto the big stage, clothed at this point in a sheer black top and her original jeans, after shedding the jacket.

This was just another emotional and creative performance from the young pop star, who is just on the cusp of releasing her sophomore album Melodrama, and there’s not a sophomore slump in sight. The other single off her record, “Liability” may be one of the best songs she’s ever written, and two SNL performances restored her to the public eye, as did her Coachella set and a tiny underplay and Pappy and Harriet’s in Joshua Tree.

Tonight at the show she looked as comfortable and collected as she ever has, reminding everyone just why she’s so good at this pop star thing — she never forgets to be a regular person in the process. In fact, tonight’s rendition actually proved to me just how much I’m going to love doing “Green Light” at karaoke someday very soon. Watch it above.