Lykke Li Announces Her New Album, ‘So Sad So Sexy,’ With A Pair Of New Songs


Lykke Li has just announced the release of her new solo album: So Sad So Sexy. This will be her fourth album as a solo artist and her first solo release in over four years. Along with the announcement of the new album she has released some new tunes to hype it up. Both “Deep End” and “Hard Rain” are available to listen to below.

The album is due June 8 and is being released by RCA. In the four years since her last solo album, Li has done her fair share of features, guest spots, and even started something of a collective super-group with the much beloved Liv. But stans of the cryptically intense singer have been salivating at the very thought of a new solo album following her much-acclaimed third effort I Never Learn in 2014. The news of a new album really should come as no surprise since Li has been saying on Twitter that “new music” was “coming soon” as well as tweeting out what we now know turned out to be lyrics, song titles and even the name of the album itself. Additionally, she has already announced a spot at the Osheaga festival, a show with LCD Soundsystem, a date at Chicago’s Lollapalooza, and a few gigs in the UK with an appearance at BBC’s Biggest Weekend Festival in Belfast and a performance at All Points East in London. Below you’ll find the tracklist to So Sad So Sexy and if you just can’t wait to buy her new album, the pre-order is available here.

So Sad So Sexy Tracklist:
1. “hard rain”
2. “deep end”
3. “two nights” (feat. Aminé)
4. “last piece”
5. “Jaguars in the air”
6. “sex money feelings die”
7. “so sad so sexy”
8. “better alone”
9. “bad woman”
10. “Utopia”