How Makeup Artist Tripoli Beard Uses Her Art To Feel Powerful

With the help of fans, Sprite® and Uproxx connected rising star Moxie Knox and a crowdsourced group of emerging creatives to bring to life a music video for her self-love-anthem “Love Me Right.” Follow us as we introduce you to Moxie’s creative collaborators as they each put their mark on this project.

Tripoli Beard was almost ready to give up on her dream.

After an early childhood obsession with lashes and green eyeshadow led her to pursue a career as a makeup artist, she was still finding it hard to break out in the industry. Enter Sprite®. Suddenly, her dream of being in front of the camera — as well as styling the artists who are performing for it — is coming to life, with Beard telling her story in the above video before handling all the looks for Sprite® Way artist Moxie Knox as she gears up to get the full treatment for her “Love Me Right” music video release.

Knox is working with a team of other talented creatives to reach her full potential, and Beard can’t wait to help get her there. “Makeup makes me feel powerful,” she told Uproxx. “It makes me feel very unique and different.” It also gives her, and artists like her, a platform to grow and gain respect in the industry. “Pay me, or pay me no attention. I’m working with Sprite®. This is next level.”

And even if she was ready to toss her makeup kit just a few short weeks ago, this new series has breathed new life into her craft. Watch her talk about the Sprite series above, and keep an eye out for the stories behind all the collaborators working on the “Love Me Right” video in the coming days.