Pearl Jam/Soundgarden Drummer Matt Cameron Kicks Off His Solo Career With ‘Time Can’t Wait’

For almost 30 years and more, Matt Cameron has sat near the back of stages across the world, providing the heart and rhythm to two of the most iconic Seattle grunge bands of them all: Pearl Jam and Soundgarden. In 2017, however, Cameron has decided to set aside his sticks and kick off a fully-fleged solo career, that begins with his first-ever single, a woozy, psychedelic rager titled “Time Can’t Wait.”

“Time Can’t Wait” is the first taste of Cameron’s upcoming solo album titled Cavedweller that’s set to drop later this month of September 22. In an interview with Rolling Stone, the drummer turned singer talked about the roots of the record and how he got to play it for his longtime bandmate Chris Cornell before he died. “I played some of it for him last March,” he said. “He really liked it. He was always very supportive of me writing music for the band and kind of going for it. That was great. And I played some of it for Eddie and he really liked it, too. That felt great.”

As for the backing musicians, Cameron pulled together the rhythm section responsible for creating David Bowie’s swan song album Blackstar. “I just reached out through Instagram or Facebook and [drummer Mark Guiliana and bassist Tim Lefebvre] got right back to me,” he said. “Once he was on board I had a little more confidence to complete the project.”

You can check out Cameron’s new single “Time Can’t Wait” above.