Maxo Kream Returns With The Sentimental ‘Local Joker’ Video

The last time rap fans heard from Houston rapper Maxo Kream was 2019, when he dropped his critically-acclaimed second album Brandon Banks, which I called a “masterful character study” in my review. Since then, he’s taken something of a hiatus as he mourned the death of his brother and regrouped for his eventual comeback. That comeback arrives today with the release of “Local Joker,” Maxo’s first solo single since early 2020, and its sentimental music video.

In the song, Maxo recounts his Houston upbringing, telling tall tales of his days doing knucklehead activities in the hood and taking stock of his experiences’ effect on the person he is today. In a press release announcing the new song, he provided a quote explaining his mindset in recording and sharing it. “‘Local Joker’ explains where I’m at in my life right now,'” he said. ” love Houston, I’m from Houston. My merch is Houston-focused. My music has a strong Houston influence — everything is Houston, it’s local. You can catch me in any part of Houston with the local jokers – but at the same time, I’m not a local joker because I’ve grown and expanded the territory that I touch. But home will always be home- and that’s Houston, Alief, fasho.”

Watch the “Local Joker” video above and stay tuned for more from the return of Maxo Kream.