New York City Mayor Eric Adams Is ‘Considering’ Revoking Diddy’s Key To The City, As He Explained

New York City Mayor Eric Adams is aware of this weekend’s developments involving Sean “Diddy” Combs. Mayor Adams joined PIX11 News on Monday morning, May 20, and was asked about “possibility rescinding” the Key To The City bestowed upon him by Mayor Adams last September.

“I think all of us were deeply disturbed by watching that chilling video of the young lady being assaulted by him, and the committee and the team — we’ve never rescinded a key before, but we are now sitting down to see what the next steps forward are going to be,” Mayor Adams said.

Last November, Cassie Ventura filed a disturbing, lengthy lawsuit in Manhattan Federal District Court, which cited years of abuse at the hands of Diddy, her ex. Diddy settled with Cassie in less than 48 hours, but, through his attorney, Diddy maintained his innocence. Cassie’s lawsuit opened the floodgates for several more women to file similar allegations and lawsuits against Diddy. In December, Diddy released a statement claiming that all of the allegations were “people try[ing] to assassinate my character” and alleged that all of the people coming forward were “looking for a quick payday.”

That statement did not age well. On Friday, May 17, CNN exclusively hotel surveillance video from 2016 showing Diddy physically assaulting Cassie, and Diddy issued a lackluster “apology” on Sunday, May 19.

When asked to clarify whether he is, indeed, considering revoking Diddy’s Key to New York City, Adams said, “We are taking everything under analysis, and the team will come back to me with a final determination.”

Watch the PIX11 News segment below.