Meek Mill’s Mafia Movie-Inspired ‘Going Bad’ Video With Drake Is A Meeting Of Rap’s Biggest Bosses

Rappers love gangster movies. They love rapping about them and they love acting them out — especially in their music videos. That’s why the premise of Meek Mill’s “Going Bad” video doesn’t just co-star guest feature Drake, but also contains cameos from just about every major player in hip-hop, including Nipsey Hussle, T.I., and more.

Directed by Kid Art and produced by Zachary Wright, “Going Bad” takes a cinematic approach to this meeting of the minds, putting its small army of hip-hop movers and shakers in expensive suits and transplanting them into the lavish lobby of a luxury hotel. There are plenty of air ties and flashy cuts on those suits, too, while the usual assortment of clunky jewelry is kept to a minimum (although some of the guests just can’t seem to resist).

There’s also high-stakes horse race gambling, with Drake betting Meek Mill his fancy timepiece, cigar smoking, and yes, huge stacks of cash. The only thing that could possibly make the video any greater is the addition of just a few more women to share in the wealth. There are a couple, dotting the sidelines, but the rap industry would grind to a screeching halt without all the women that help make it happen and it’d be nice to see the guys acknowledge this once in a while.

“Going Bad” is the lead single (fourth, if you include promotional singles “Dangerous,” “Oodles o’ Noodles Babies,” and “Uptown Vibes,” which Meek performed on SNL with Fabolous recently) from Meek’s triumphant comeback album, Championships, and the first collaboration between Drake and Meek since 2015’s “RICO.” Championships is out now via Maybach Music Group/Atlantic. Get it here.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music.