Meek Mill Says That He Respects Russ For His DIY Musicality And ‘Telling The Truth A Lot’

Meek Mill and Russ both seem to want the best for the new generation of MCs – they just have different methods of conveying their ideas. Whereas Meek has been open about the dangers of opioids and maintains a big brother relationship with a slew of younger rappers, Russ’ brutal honesty typified by his “how much Xans and lean do you have to do before you realize you’re a f*cking loser?” shirt has ostracized him from the artists he wants to impart his guidance too. “F*ck Russ” has become coinage in the so-called SoundCloud rapper scene. The strife Russ has with those young rappers, who he accuses of glorifying drug use in their music, led to an actual physical confrontation with Smokepurrp at the Splash Festival.

Russ had a clash of another sort with Meek, but it was a productive one. In an interview with Spotify’s RapCaviar, Meek says that he respects Russ for doing his own beats and hooks, and he has spoken to Russ “two or three times.” He adds that Russ “tells the truth a lot and a lot of people are not really fine with hearing the truth.” Meek says he invited him to a studio session, which he described as “like parties,” and they happened to have a “lightweight argument” at the end of the night. “We happened to be staying at the same hotel. We said a few words and sh*t. He expressed himself in an emotional way,” Meek reflected.

Meek added that he identified with the way Russ has been the recipient of childish “Ls,” or “losses,” on social media from stans of rappers like Smokepurrp, Lil Pump, and others. “I’ve been in the situation where everyone like, ‘L this.’ I’m like, ‘L?’ I just bought two Maybachs just yesterday, what the hell are y’all talking about?’ And that’s kinda what’s happening to him right now. Y’all need to revamp this whole social-media shit.”

Until then, Russ and Meek can at least count each other as supporters.