Megan Thee Stallion Goes Off On Her Label’s Owner For Posting Misinformation About Their Royalties Case

Ever since early 2020, Megan Thee Stallion and her label, 1501 Certified Entertainment, have been embroiled in a contrast dispute over royalties that each believes the other owes. It’s a complex situation, but essentially, Megan would like to be paid more, while 1501’s founder Carl Crawford says that Megan and her management at Roc Nation are withholding his cut of the profits from live shows she did throughout her breakout year, 2019. The dispute has been contentious at times, and the latest development in the case has Thee Stallion going off on her quasi-boss.

After Megan filed a motion to dismiss part of her lawsuit, Crawford posted screenshots from celebrity gossip site on his Instagram with the caption, “Only the real 🤘🏾town can relate. Now tell em to run my bread dating all the way back from 2018.” However, the headline in question only referred to Megan’s suit for a restraining order against 1501, which was blocking her from releasing music. However, since both 1501 and 300, the distributor for Megan’s music, cleared her to release Good News and Something For The Hotties, she no longer needed the court’s intervention. Posting to her own Instagram, she explained as much while characterizing Crawford as a bully — and kind of an ignorant one, too.

“This dude never know wtf is going on with his business,” she wrote. “he case that Was dismissed against you was from when you wasn’t trying to let me drop music … you and 300 signed off and let me drop music so there is no case no more… we are most definitely STILL IN COURT and YOU STILL GETTING SUED BC YOU OWE ME MONEY!!! I AINT NEVER BEEN PAID FROM 1501 IN MY LIFE ! I make money bc im MEGAN THEE STALLION ! Grown ass men wanna bully me and eat off my name and paint me out as a villain online bc they know these bandwagon ass haters gone eat that shit up ! I dont even be saying shit to you lame ass n****s bc the TRUTH always comes out.”

If Megan is right and she isn’t being paid by 1501, she certainly has a number of attractive alternative revenue streams, including endorsements for Flamin’ Hot Cheetos, a new Snapchat show, Off The Leash, and a development deal with Netflix. She’s also soon to launch her acting career with F*cking Identical Twins.