Megan Thee Stallion Signs A First-Look Production Deal With Netflix

Megan Thee Stallion has signed an exclusive first-look production deal with streaming platform Netflix, according to Variety. The Houston rapper previously told Vogue that she was writing a horror movie (her favorite is Evil Dead) and later told Marie Claire that she wanted to bring Get Out director Jordan Peele in as a collaborator. Her new deal with Netflix just might help make that dream a reality as she creates and executive produces new content for the streamer, including possible a television series and other projects.

Netflix’s head of comedy, Tracey Pakosta, said, “Megan is a multi-talented creative force who has consistently made her mark on culture. She’s always growing and evolving as an artist, and we’re thrilled that she’s making a home at Netflix for this next chapter in her journey.” Megan herself seemed pretty amped about the announcement as well, saying, “I’ve always had a passion for telling creative and entertaining stories, so I’m thrilled about this partnership with Netflix. Venturing into production is the next step in my journey as an entrepreneur and I can’t wait to bring all my ideas to life and for my Hotties to watch.”

Considering Megan’s love for all things anime and nerdy, let’s hope she gets to do some animation as well, so we can potentially see this iconic moment brought to life for real. If I can’t have a Saweetie TV show — there’s still time, Netflix! — at least give me that much.