Megan Thee Stallion Gets A Court Order To Release Music Despite Her Contract Dispute With Her Old Label

TMZ reports that Megan Thee Stallion will continue to be able to release new music as she disputes her contract with 1501 Certified Entertainment. The Houston Hottie had previously informed fans that her original label was blocking the release of new music in the wake of her request to renegotiate her contract after securing Roc Nation’s management services. Megan has been signed to 1501 Certified Entertainment, which is headed by former Major League Baseball player Carl Crawford, since 2018.

According to TMZ, Megan filed suit in Texas’ Harris County to secure a temporary restraining order that prevents 1501 from blocking the new music she has planned for release this Friday. According to the court documents, Megan says that her 1501 deal calls for a 60/40 split, with the larger share going to the label. Recording costs, feature fees, and mixing fees come out of her share (this is actually a pretty standard deal and in fact is a lot better than what many artists get at major labels, where artists cuts are usually around 15% of royalties after they recoup their initial advance — Megan says her advance was only $10,000).

The suit also alleges that the contract grants 1501 all the pay from her live performances, to be accounted for and distributed by the label. Megan says she hasn’t been paid in full and calls the language “purposefully and deceptively vague.” She also accuses Crawford of using his relationship with Rap-a-Lot Records founder J. Prince to intimidate people. She is suing Crawford and 1501 for $1 million in damages. The restraining order also prevents Crawford and 1501 from retaliating on social media.

There’s no word on just what Megan is releasing on Friday, but rumor has it that it’s a music video for her latest single, “B.I.T.C.H.” Stream it here.