Megan Thee Stallion Cried When She First Heard The Beyonce Remix Of ‘Savage’

Beyonce is one of the most widely beloved musicians of the past 20-plus years, so getting the chance to work with her is a dream for many artists. That’s a dream that Megan Thee Stallion recently realized, as Bey hopped on a new version of “Savage.” That was a huge moment for her, and she spoke about it on a recent Instagram Live session, saying that she cried when she first heard the remix.

Megan said, “I know that they say manifest it, but b*tch: that’s a real thing! That is a real thing. Manifestation is a real word. I ain’t know that! […] I just really can’t believe it. I heard it for the first time and I called my grandma, and I was like in f*cking shambles. I was really crying, I was like, ‘I really got a f*cking song with Beyonce.’

She went on to speak out about how the collaboration was extra special because she and Beyonce are both from Houston, so she has admired her from a long time. She continued, “You go from going to a Destiny’s Child concert in like the fifth grade, right, and you see Destiny’s Child, and it’s just really freakin’ amazing. And wanting to be a performer, wanting to be in the music industry, wanting to be any kind of entertainer, and you look at Beyonce, Beyonce is the standard.”

Watch Megan discuss the collaboration above.