A Twitter Saga Between Megan Thee Stallion And DaBaby Has Erupted Over An Apparently Glitchy Retweet

Phones and social media have always been a source of contention in relationships, and DaBaby learned that the hard way tonight. After the North Carolina rapper retweeted a post that seemed to be supporting Tory Lanez and calling Megan Thee Stallion into question, the “Thot Sh*t” rapper took to the social media platform herself. Here’s the tweet that started it all, that DaBaby’s account had initially retweeted:

“I guess @DaBabyDaBaby and @torylanez cool now bc the both shot somebody and don’t have to do no jail time.” But it’s unclear why DaBaby would tweet this as it isn’t necessarily flattering to him? Anyway, here’s Megan’s first response:

“Support me in private and publicly do something different…these industry men are very strange,” she began. “This situation ain’t no damn “beef” and I really wish people would stop down playing it like it’s some internet sh*t for likes and retweets.”

But according to DaBaby, he never meant to retweet the offending post! He followed up multiple times claiming it was a glitch in the system:

“Baby got enough problems of his own my n—-, ion got nooooo reason to inherit the next MF problems,” he wrote. “Y’all chasing a story y’all ain’t gone get. I’m out n—-s bidness while still successfully doing business. Idk what type of Illuminati sh*t Twitter got goin on.. I ain’t retweet nothing but “Ball If I Want To” promo. I ain’t retweet that silly sh*t. Then once ppl start tagging me & I saw it and tried to delete it and undo the retweet Twitter didn’t let me. Type sh*t yall on?”

Then he quoted Megan’s first irate tweet with this response:

“You done let these folks get the best of you thug. ion got no bad energy for ya. You know like I know I ain’t no “industry” n—- , let em fool you into thinking that you trippin. Stand on what you stand on without feeling like I’m against ya. Stay focused my g.”

Megan didn’t take too kindly to that response, and had her own to fire back — of course, DaBaby also appeared in the “Skat” video with Tory Lanez this week, which is likely part of her issue.

“My stance hasn’t changed at all YOURS has,” she wrote. “We already spoke abt this in private and you specifically said “that ain’t even no good business move why would I promote that sh*t” but now this ain’t your “beef” ? That ain’t real. But you stay on ya “business” my g.”

And DaBaby doggedly still tried to deny it all.

“You ain’t tweeting nothing I ain’t tell dat n—- directly. I told him da same shi*. lol,” he wrote. “Whoever cleared it cleared it, so what. Sh*t still ain’t enough of my bidness for MFs to be feelin some type of way bout my pretty chocolate ass. Gettin into dat don’t feed my ppl.”

Still trying to clear his name, DaBaby lamented the situation once more, noting he doesn’t even fight with the women he dates online like this — and rapper Pardison Fontaine, who has been linked to Megan romantically, saw his chance to jump in.

“Ion even go back n forth w/ my own b*tches on the net now I’m on dis mf goin back n forth w/ another n—- woman about some sh*t another n—- accused of,” he lamented. “How tf dat work? Y’all n—-s hell. Happy Juneteenth tho, we started this b*tch off wit a bang didn’t it ? Luv u Meg.”

And here’s Pardi’s response:

“You a clown ass n—- doin doin clown ass sh*t then tryin to back pedal,” he wrote. “N—- that’s what it is .. u don’t ever gotta address her again.”

Well! Let this be a lesson to watch your retweet button carefully on those verified accounts? Also, full support of Megan and however she decides to deal with and respond to DaBaby’s erratic social media behavior.