Megan Thee Stallion’s Appearance On ‘First Take’ Confuses And Disappoints Fans Of Houston Sports

With an album to suddenly promote at the last minute, it’s understandable if appropriate media venues for Megan Thee Stallion’s Suga press tour weren’t immediately available. However, her choice of show to stop by has left many fans bewildered and confused. Rather than, say, popping up on Good Morning America (Chance The Rapper’s outlet of choice) or perhaps even trying to usurp Cardi B as Ellen’s latest favorite, Megan went to… ESPN’s First Take. Meg’s not known for her presence at sporting events or even dropping very many sports references into her rhymes, so the show made for an odd choice — especially when she was questioned about her hometown Rockets.

To be fair, when host Stephen A Smith asked Megan, “How do y’all feel about Mike D’Antoni?” he probably wasn’t trying to trip her up. Knowing that Thee Stallion hails from Houston, he likely thought it’d be fun for viewers to get a famous local’s impression of the Rockets coach and his sudden success with the team’s new backcourt. However, it seems as though he may have asked the wrong question, because he was met with a confused “Who?” in response.

In Meg’s defense, she’s been quite busy lately. She’s toured extensively to promote her previous mixtapes Tina Snow and Fever, appeared on television numerous times, and has been embroiled in a legal battle for the fate of her new project Suga and her royalty splits. She could be forgiven for not staying up-to-date over the past several months — she might even know D’Antoni better by his fan-appointed nickname, “Pringles Man” — but Twitter is unforgiving. The jokes immediately flew fast and furiously, touching on everything from her possibly-momentary brain fart about the coach to fanciful imaginings of Stephen A.’s possible reactions to mentions of her dispute with the notorious J. Prince. Check out some of the best reactions below.