Metric Shut Down The Club In Their Noirish And Neon ‘Now Or Never Now’ Video


Metric are on of those bands you can reliably count on to swing through every few years and casually drop one of the better rock records on the calendar. Their latest, Art Of Doubt was released today, and I promise you its very good. To help promote that project, the band also recently filmed a video for one of that album’s better songs, a synth-drenched track titled “Now Or Never Now.”

Directed by Lorraine Nicholson, the new video is a noirish and neon view of those wee hours in the morning, just before the club is set to close and the sun is about to peek over the horizon. “Very few [music videos] depict them as they so often are: pensive, dark and depressing.” Metric singed Emily Haines said, “This was a night shoot leading to dawn, as Lorraine wanted to place the video in those most questionable hours of the morning… I’m profoundly lost and alone with random uncaring strangers… the rest of the band is on an urgent quest to find me and rescue me from this sad existence, but they always arrive too late.”

Metric just got off the road on a tour opening for the newly reunited configuration of Smashing Pumpkins, but they have a new set of headlining dates coming down the pike shortly. In the meantime, check out their latest album Art Of Doubt, which is out now, and watch the video for “Now Or Never Now,” above.