‘The Last Dance’ Has Spawned A Hilarious New Michael Jordan Music Meme

Aside from being the greatest basketball player of all time, Michael Jordan is also huge in the meme community, whether we’re talking about “Crying Jordan” or “Stop it, get some help.” Now the new Chicago Bulls documentary, The Last Dance, has yielded even more meme-able MJ clips, like a couple different ones of Jordan reacting to video on an iPad. The final two episodes of the ten-part series aired over the weekend, and they left the world with one last meme.

There’s a scene where Jordan is on the team bus listening to a then-unreleased song from Kenny Lattimore. The singer confirmed the story, writing on Twitter, “In 1998 I sent Michael Jordan an advanced copy of my ‘From the Soul of Man’ album. Who knew ‘Days Like This’ was his pre-game hype song though.” So we know what Jordan was listening to, but somebody saw an opportunity and made the @JordanJamming Twitter account, which puts other songs over the footage, and it’s pretty great.

The account has racked up over 21 thousand followers since yesterday, and it kicked things off with The Killers’ “Mr. Brightside”:

Naturally, they also had to get Future and Drake’s “Jumpman”:

There are a bunch of other great ones, so check some out below.