Migos Were Reportedly Ordered To Pay $30,000 In A Fyre Fest Settlement

Complex reports Migos has been ordered to pay $30,000 in a Fyre Festival-related settlement. The trio was paid $100,000 up front to perform at the defunct festival, which they have agreed to pay back to the bankruptcy trustee in the form of the settlement amount above. Migos was billed on the festival lineup along with Blink-182, Major Lazer, Rae Sremmurd, and members of Kanye’s GOOD Music family.

Unfortunately, as we all well know, the festival was instead a disaster, with its organizer Billy McFarland overpromising, underdelivering, and stranding dozens of influencers on an island with cheese sandwiches and FEMA tents. Fyre Festival’s infamy lives on, with co-organizer Ja Rule constantly getting flamed on the internet over it after narrowly dodging responsibility, McFarland ending up in prison, and a documentary about the festival launching the viral stardom of Andy King, the Fyre employee who was seemingly willing to do anything to secure a shipment of water for the stranded festival goers.

Migos, meanwhile, have been laying low for the most part, with their next album still not quite on the horizon yet. Individually, they seem to be focusing on other projects: Quavo is producing a kids’ TV series, Offset has been enjoying family life, and Takeoff has been the quietest of all, although that may be for the best: As of now, he’s the only Migo to not have been involved in a club fight recently.