Mike Posner And Ty Dolla Sign Trek Across America In The Pioneering ‘Look What I’ve Become’ Video

In the history-muddling, classic ’90s film Forrest Gump, the titular character accidentally sparks the ’80s jogging craze (and the classic yellow smiley face design) when decides to just go running one day and ends up crisscrossing America multiple times. Singer Mike Posner apparently related to the impulse because he does something remarkably similar in his new video for “Look What I’ve Become,” which features a guest appearance from LA R&B crooner Ty Dolla Sign. Check it out above.

“Look What I’ve Become” finds Posner reflecting on his unusual career arc, which saw him go from blog rap favorite to EDM tempo master to the laid-back, contemplative folk singer he currently seems to be evolving into. While the song still features plenty of hip-hop thump, that bass backs up ruminative lyrics wherein Mike reminisces: “I used to be a pop singer; now I am myself.” He seems to be enjoying himself immensely in the video as he poses and dances and mugs the camera, while also taking time to stop and metaphorically smell the roses.

And while Ty’s verse is a little harder-edged, with its references to South Central’s murder rate and big-money flexes, he also sounds appreciative as he reminds listeners that “God don’t make no accidents.”

Interestingly, Mike’s walk across the continent isn’t just a gimmick for the video; as the singer comes to terms with his new identity he’s actually at the midway point of a literal trek across the United States, crossing from Missouri into Kansas this week. At his current rate, he should be wrapping up sometime next year, which means we may be able to expect a full-length about the experience sometime after that.