Concert Venues Are Advised To Ban Moshing And Crowd Surfing Upon Reopening

As the pandemic persists, the live music industry has taken a major hit. But some are finding inventive ways to bring back concerts. Denmark began drive-in concerts that adhere to the social distancing guidelines and a company in LA created a high-tech, futuristic suit that would allow protection against the virus in crowds. As music fans across the country anxiously await the return of live shows, a comprehensive safety guide has been released for venues, and it forbids large group activities like moshing and crowd surfing.

Steven Adelman and Jacob Worek of the Event Safety Alliance set out to compose a comprehensive, 29-page safety guide for venues by speaking with over 400 promoters, caterers, and Ticketmaster employees. Their handbook sets the guidelines for best practices for venues to ensure the safety of their staff, attendees, and performers. Along with recommending cleaning practices and how to handle sick employees, the guide says that concert attendees will have to adjust their habits.

“A few obvious changes will be necessary whenever GA events do reopen,” the guide states. “Patrons cannot all stand at the front of the stage like they are accustomed; moshing and crowd surfing are violations of social distancing per se and must be absolutely prohibited during this pandemic.”

Other recommendations include staggered entry times, limiting bathroom capacities, contactless merch ordering, and monitoring smoking areas to enforce social distancing.

Find the full Event Safety Alliance Reopening Guide here.