Moxie Knox’s ‘Love Me Right’ Video Showcases The Power Of Collaboration

In a world where an artist can potentially create music alone on their laptop computer, shoot a video themselves on their phone, and upload it all to the internet without even seeking out at another person’s opinion, the collaborative process can sometimes fall by the wayside. But let’s face it, the best things are often born from wildly collaborative environments, bringing in differing opinions, voices, and skillsets to tell a story that goes above and beyond a single person’s narrative. That kind of synergy was the impetus behind the Sprite® Way series, a project that brought in artists of all kinds to execute the kind of music video that could set the tone for an artist’s whole career.

After an extensive, crowd-sourced search for the right people for the shoot, a team of artists were all chosen to bring their unique talents together to produce and shoot the video for Moxie Knox’s “Love Me Right” video in collaboration with Sprite® and UPROXX. The result? An impactful and sexy visual that helps tell Knox’s own story while offering the entire crew the chance to own a piece of the final video.

As you’ll see in the video above, the Bronx-raised Knox undergoes a transformation, going from a subdued pixie cut and a number of other fierce looks that, while stunning, culminate in her decision to love herself instead of staying in a toxic relationship. The final payoff sees her literally finding the highest version of herself after making the decision through choreography, late-night cruising, and fights in the bedroom to let this relationship fall all the way apart, and step into self-love instead. Check out the fruits of Knox and her team’s efforts above, and let the exponential power of working with a whole team of collaborators sink in.