Why Moxie Knox Thinks Her ‘Love Me Right’ Video Shoot Is Going To Be ‘Magic’

The ability to create music itself isn’t the biggest hurdle to an artist’s success. Moxie Knox is a prime example of that. She found inspiration everywhere growing up in the Bronx in New York City. Making music came naturally. But like so many young artists, it was the logistics she needed help with. Enter Sprite. The brand is empowering fans to put under the radar talents like Moxie out front and is inspiring young creators to reach for their dreams.

After releasing a couple of great singles and independently shot videos, Moxie was chosen by Sprite fans to become one of the XX Sprite Way artists. She is now making moves in the music industry, collaborating with Sprite and UPROXX on a video for her song “Love Me Right.” The new project is going to take things to another level. And she’s not going there alone. As a part of this collaboration, Moxie is going to work with a director, choreographer, cinematographer, makeup artist, and other talents, all aspiring creators getting a signal boost from the two brands. And according to Moxie in the above video, she’s excited to see what they bring to the mix.

“There’s a magic that comes about when you work with a bunch of people, and you hear their perspectives and you go ‘wow, I never would’ve thought of that,'” she says while discussing the prospect of collaborating on “Love Me Right,” teasing a story that Sprite and UPROXX are eager to tell in the coming weeks. Together, we’ll go behind the scenes to meet this team of artists as they create something truly remarkable, culminating in the premiere of “Love Me Right.”