Mozzy Has ‘No Choice’ But To Hustle With Rayven Justice In The First Video From His New EP

Mozzy isn’t resting on his laurels as his national attention grows in the wake of his appearance on the Kendrick Lamar-curated Black Panther soundtrack (not to be confused with the other Black Panther album he appears on this month). He’s already plotting the release of a new EP, Spiritual Conversations, and put out a video for the EP’s first single, “No Choice” with singer Rayven Justice.

The song is moody and mournful, with an elegiac piano sample highlighting Mozzy’s regretful recollections of his hustling days. The video finds Mozzy cruising through darkened streets in a luxury automobile, removed from scenes of police harassment taking place elsewhere in the video. Rayven Justice brings in the hook, lamenting the penitentiary chances required to leave behind the duo’s impoverished beginnings, but reiterating their necessity to avoid languishing in destitution.

Mozzy — an independent rapper like Nipsey Hussle, with whom he’s previously collaborated — has reeled off an impressive catalog of underground releases since 2011, and his dedication and work ethic began to pay off in national acclaim with last year’s 1 Up Top Ahk, which made it on Uproxx’s Best Hip-Hop Albums of 2017 list. Now that he is free from probation restrictions on his travel, his star is sure to continue rising through 2018, ensuring he never feels the pressure of having “no choice” again.