New Wavves Video Demonstrates That They Agree With Us On The Whole ‘Dave Grohl Is God’ Thing

Here at UPROXX we’ve been unequivocal in our belief that Dave Grohl may, in fact, be our Lord and Savior. It’s a belief that’s rapidly spreading — me and some friends were in fact last night discussing the possibility of opening a “Church of Dave Grohl” above a buddy’s restaurant in the French Quarter. We’d make up our own prayers and symbols and rituals — all centered around the Foo Fighters front man, of course — and it’d be nothing short of epic. We’d also fully expect that, once he found out about it, Dave Grohl, aka God, would show up at the doorstep one day with the band to play an impromptu show for us, because that’s the sort of thing Dave Grohl does. Unlike most gods people worship, he is a truly loving and benevolent deity.

My point in telling you this is because it appears as though the Wavves are on-board with the whole “Dave Grohl is God” thing based on their fantastic new video for “Bug.” It prominently features a photo of Dave Grohl hanging on a wall with a pic of Jesus’ head placed over Grohl’s head. The video ends with some cops getting shot up, which results in their blood being splattered all over another photo of Grohl hanging on the wall. Surely this has some sort of hidden “Dave Grohl is God” meaning, right?

Anyway, the video is below…