Nicki Minaj Introduces Her Nipple To Middle America, Sinks Teeth Into Fried Turkey Leg On GMA

I’ll admit, I don’t know what to make of Nicki Minaj. I hardly know anything about her, except that she’s a budding pop star/fame monster/next big thing people are talking about who’s been touring with Britney Spears — also, she strikes me as some sort of Lil’ Kim/Lady Gaga hybrid. Oh, and she has close to 5 million Twitter followers, so there’s that.

This morning Minaj introduced herself to middle America on GMA in grand fashion: By sinking her teeth into a fried turkey leg (Some are calling it a chicken leg but come on…look at the size of that thing!) before going all Janet Jackson on us and having a nip slip. HELLO NICKI!

Maybe this is why our financial markets are tanking? Anyway, after the jump are videos of her performance, presented without commentary for the sake of my sanity.

(Turkey leg screengrab via Whitney Jefferson, nip slip pic via TMZ)