Nicki Minaj Has Resorted To Using Tucker Carlson To Back Her Anti-Vaccine Tweets

As Nicki Minaj fields criticism over her anti-vaccine tweet from a few days ago from a variety of observers such as Stephen Colbert, Dr. Anthony Fauci, Trinidad’s Health Minister, and even Tucker Carlson, she’s also found an unlikely defender in the form of … Tucker Carlson. The Fox News host, whose opinions shift with the wind depending on what point he’s trying to make at the time, switched positions on ridiculing the star when he apparently realized he could use the reaction to Nicki’s tweet to once again needle liberals, progressives, and Democrats.

In a clip from his show on Nicki’s tweet and the resulting backlash, Carlson attributed the backlash to Democrats “bullying” Nicki over sharing anti-vaccine views, likening it to the religious persecution Fox News peddles to its viewers. Nicki herself reposted the clip on her Twitter with a dartboard emoji, implying she believes Carlson is on-target with his assessment.

Unfortunately for Nicki, her post only resulted in even more backlash from followers appalled that she’d side with Carlson, who has, among other things, promoted wild conspiracy theories, parroted reprehensible, xenophobic rhetoric, and defended the QAnon-inspired January 6 insurrectionists. One pointed out, “You know he’s a white nationalist right?” However, Nicki was undaunted, interpreting tweets trying to reason with her as attacks on her character and doing her best “Kanye West circa 2018” impression as fans expressed dismay and disappointment.

Check out Nicki’s ongoing rant below.