Nicki Minaj Takes A Break From Retirement To Assert Her Dominance With ‘Yikes’

Not long ago, Nicki Minaj announced she would be taking a break from music in order to focus on her personal life and new husband Kenneth Petty. But, seeing as Nicki is now embroiled in an online brawl with her ex-boyfriend Meek Mill, the rapper decided it was time to come out of retirement and remind the world why fans call her the Queen Of Rap. After teasing a snippet of the song on Instagram and facing some subsequent backlash for a particular verse, Nicki has officially unveiled “Yikes,” a hard-hitting track that simply warns others not to mess with her.

In the first verse alone, Nicki makes leaves no room for speculation about what message she’s trying to send. “Don’t ever f*cking play with me / Y’all n****s know, y’all b*tches know I’m the f*cking queen / You ho b*tches know, you dirty bum b*tches know,” she taunts in the hook.

Nicki dropped “Yikes” after facing some backlash over a verse where the rapper mentions Rosa Parks. “All you b*tches Rosa Parks / Uh oh, get your ass up,” she raps. Some fans weren’t too happy about the verse, claiming Parks herself wouldn’t approve. But Nicki was unfazed by the apparent controversy, even correcting an outlet that reported she said the lyric was “bad timing.”

The track also arrives just days after Minaj and Meek Mill got heated online. It all started with a chance run-in at a Hollywood store where Meek and Minaj’s husband Kenneth Petty traded insults in an argument that “almost ended in blows.” A few days later, the argument moved online and the two spend a day trading insults back and forth.

Listen to “Yikes” above.

Meek Mill is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.