Noname Clears Her Tweets After Beyonce Fans Lash Out At Her On Twitter

After a controversial month in which her tweets caused multiple backlashes against her, Noname has once again cleared her Twitter timeline. Noname is no stranger to receiving outsized attention for her opinions, but this time, it appears she ran afoul of the more vicious Beyhive fans of Beyonce, who mobilized like the insects for which they are named to send enough abuse Noname’s way to prompt her to delete all of her tweets.

Retweeting a video of political activist Angela Davis speaking about her radical ideas, Noname expressed a wish that “Angela got the love Beyonce gets.” Of course, any insinuation that any human being deserves to be as exalted as Beyonce generally sends the Hive into a frenzy, so they got busy attacking Noname in retaliation. Exacerbating the issue were the J. Cole fans who were angry at Noname’s supporters for criticizing his song “Snow On Tha Bluff,” on which he raps about an anonymous young woman whose tone bothers him.

After fans online determined “Snow On Tha Bluff” to be a backhanded references to Noname’s work, they called out Cole for “tone-policing” and encouraged him to research Noname’s book club, which she uses to do the education that he requested on the song. Unfortunately, the whole situation was blown out-of-proportion by fans who took the criticism of J. Cole as a criticism of their decision to support J. Cole, causing them to lash out and Noname to respond with “Song 33” — a response for which she later apologized, as she felt it distracted from actual progressive activism.

Despite this, Noname remained outspoken on Twitter, tweeting her feelings about Angela Davis’ lack of public recognition and joking that Jay-Z — Beyonce’s husband, with whom the Beyhive has already taken issue on multiple separate occasions themselves — is a “fed” for his embrace of Black Capitalist philosophies. Previously, she was attacked herself for expressing interest in the same policies, as well as for expressing her distaste for the lack of diversity at her shows. The common denominator appears to be Noname herself — and the fact that so many people on Twitter seem so dead set on disagreeing with her opinions, no matter what they are.