Noname Says She Already Has The Planned Title Of Her Next Album

Getty Image

Noname has been slowly releasing new songs one at a time for a few months, leading to some speculation that this was her way of rolling out a new album. Today, she threw gasoline of the flames of that speculation when she posted to her social media that she already has the title of her next album, insinuating that a new collection is indeed in the works, just over eight months after the release of her sophomore album, Room 25.

According to the caption that used on the black-and-white photo she posted to both Instagram and Twitter, her next album will be titled Factory Baby. Although she didn’t explain what the title could mean or when the new album would be coming out, the workmanlike nomenclature would fit the titling conventions of the last few songs she put out, which bore simple numerical titles like “Song 32.”

Of course, she could just be messing with us, as she claims she was when she asked Drake for a feature during a Beats 1 Radio interview. After the quote blew up, she insisted that it was a joke and she didn’t really want or need a Drake feature and was doing just fine on her own. For now, pencil in Factory Baby alongside the joint album she is rumored working to be working on with Saba and Smino (both of whom are currently on tour) on Noname’s schedule for 2019.