NxWorries And Thundercat Turn Heartbreak Into Gold With Their New Collab, ‘KeepHer’

After eight years, Anderson .Paak and Knxwledge have reunited NxWorries. Tonight (June 14), as NxWorries, the singer-producer duo has shared their second joint album, Why Lawd? on streaming platforms. Maintaining a groovy, soulful flow throughout the album, the pair enlisted Thundercat for the forlorn “KeepHer.”

On “KeepHer,” Thundercat supplies the guitar vibes throughout the song, and blesses the background with gorgeous vocals. He opens the song, setting the scene for a story of opulence and heartache.

“They say you gonna pay either way / And if this was made to be / It’s such a lovely dream / Why would you wanna wake me up?,” Thundercat sings in the intro.

Though neither artist refers to anyone by name, the song was likely inspired by Paak’s divorce from Jaylyn Chang, which was reported earlier this year.

Paak learns the hard way that money on its own isn’t enough to keep a good woman around.

“Jetlag when you show up / Coolin’ with a chauffeur / All I wanna do is spoil ya / But you know that the money won’t keep her,” sings Paak on the song’s chorus.

“KeepHer” marks one of Paak’s most poignant and self-aware songs, but showcases his ability to turn heartache into gold.

You can listen to “KeepHer” above.

Why Lawd? is out now via Stones Throw. Find more information here.