‘Obsessed’: Exploring What Goes On Behind The Scenes Of Those VMA Nominated Music Videos

The 2020 MTV VMAs are set to take place in just a couple weeks, which means the entertainment world is about to be really focused on music videos. That makes now a perfect time for Obsessed hosts and pop culture fanatics Taylour Chanel and Britt Ellis to discuss them, as they both have experience in the nuts and bolts of that industry.

The pair have spent their fair share of time working on videos in various capacities, which gives them fascinating insight about how a visual goes from idea to finished product. Chanel (who has worked as a make-up artist on videos) admits that no matter how great the final video turns out, from her perspective, there’s usually doubt about how good it actually is until it’s finished: “Almost every single music video I do, I’m like, ‘What am I… What have I done? What have I done? What have I said yes to?’ And then the music video comes out and I’m like, ‘That was tight, that was it.'”

Ellis and Chanel also spoke with guest Christine Yuan, who has directed videos for artists like Summer Walker and GoldLink. She explained how competitive even getting a gig can be, as she’s often trying to have her ideas chosen over those from 50 other people. Once you get the job, though, it won’t necessarily be anything like previous gigs. Musicians have different ideas and personalities, so Yuan notes that working on set is all about “responding to the energy of the artist.”

There are plenty of other great tidbits that came from from the three experts sharing their unique perspectives, so check out the full episode above.