Offset And Cardi B’s ‘Clout’ Video Is A Sultry Hall Of Mirrors

Offset and Cardi B have released a new video for their collaborative song “Clout.”

The track, one of the standouts from Offset’s 2019 debut solo album Father Of 4, is a statement of the couple’s fortitude following the scandals that rocked their relationship earlier this year. “Clout” is an attack on shameless fame-chasers who fabricate stories and people who prefer to hide behind the anonymity of social media rather than stand up for what they say. Offset and Cardi see right through that, and they want you to know they’re stronger than the pull to fame.

The video for “Clout” shows Cardi and Offset’s love stronger than ever. If anyone was crafting a clickbait headline about how the couple seems to be on the rocks, this video will put that to bed immediately. Cardi and Offset can’t keep their hands off each other — Cardi spends half of the video on Offset’s lap, and the other half dancing on him. The video also has a cool black and yellow aesthetic and some neat hall of mirrors visual effects. As Offset performs, his double waits behind him, stepping up to the foreground with the turn of the camera. (The pair even stand in a literal hall of mirrors at one point.)

Cardi and Offset have previously worked together on “Lick,” “Drip,” “Motorsport” and Lil Yachty’s “Who Want the Smoke?” Something tells me this won’t be their last collab, either, seeing as they’re two of the biggest stars in hip-hop right now, and they’re also married.

Watch Offset and Cardi B’s video for “Clout” above.