Rylo Rodriguez Helps OMB Peezy Stage A Brazen Robbery In Their Violent ‘Dope Boys’ Video

Alabama trap rapper OMB Peezy stages a brazen restaurant heist in the brooding, violent video for his new single, “Dope Boys.” Fortunately, he’s got some backup in the form of Lil Baby’s 4PF protege Rylo Rodriguez, who helps him when the time comes to shoot it out with some unlucky law enforcement officers who happen upon the robbery in progress.

Peezy, who was born in Alabama and later relocated to Sacramento, has built a buzz over the past several years with a strong of warmly received albums and mixtapes as part of the roster of 300 Entertainment. Most recently, he dropped In The Meantime, a May 2020 mixtape that built on the buzz from his debut album, Preacher To The Streets, in 2019. Peezy’s interregional appeal is built upon his dual-city roots; while he sounds as comfortable as any Southern rapper banging on booming trap production, his later upbringing in Sacramento allowed him to build chemistry with fellow burgeoning Bay Area favorites like Nef The Pharaoh.

Meanwhile, Rylo was given a springboard to success by Lil Baby, who signed him to the 4 Pockets Full imprint launched by the Atlanta rapper and gave him prominent placement on My Turn standout “Forget That.” Despite taking some flak for the frankly awful cover for his debut album GOAT In Human Form, Rylo was able to bounce back, receiving respect from multiple quarters for his unique flow and blue-collar work ethic.

Watch OMB Peezy’s “Dope Boy” video featuring Rylo Rodriguez above.

OMB Peezy is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.