Pardison Fontaine Shares His Appreciation For The ‘Peach’ In His Raunchy New Video With City Girls

Never let it be said that Pardison Fontaine isn’t body positive. In his new video for “Peach,” in which he expresses his admiration for all things butt-related, he populates his gated community backyard cookout with booties of all shapes and sizes, finding himself surrounded by every body type from merely “slim thick” to “big fine.” Amid the festivities, a pair of willowy blondes sneak in over the gate to get some loving of their own, only to be rebuffed by the normally voracious Pardison, who dashes off, prompting them to give chase in the humorous celebration of rotund rumps.

Joining Pardi on the raucous Wheezy-produced beat, City Girls’ Yung Miami commands her female fans to “let that ass hang out, b*tch,” encouraging more twerking in the same vein as her group’s own, raunchy, sex-positive jams. While JT, who was incarcerated during the recording of the song and video, doesn’t make an appearance, there’s no doubt she approves of her partner-in-rhyme’s lyrical growth, as Miami nearly steals the show with her sharp wit (“sneak dissin’ so I turn into a owl, b*tch” might be the best line on the song aside from Pardi’s borrowed Mystikal bars in the first verse) and improved flow.

“Peach” is the second single from his upcoming Atlantic Records debut, Under8ed, out November 15, after “Shea Butter.”

Pardison Fontaine is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.