Pharrell Finally Reveals The Secrets Behind His Ageless Skin With His New Line Of Skincare Products

Pharrell is known for his Grammy Award-winning music and his work in the film industry, but everyone can also agree on one thing about the musician: he doesn’t seem to age. Pharrell has been questioned about his flawless skin for many years, and he’s now finally ready to reveal his secrets through a line of carefully-developed skincare products.

Pharrell has been praised for his age-defying skin for years. Travis Scott even quizzed him on his routine last year, asking if it was true that the musician only washes his face with cold water, to which Pharrell replied: “You gotta exfoliate like a f*cking madman.”

But now taking things one step further, Pharrell teamed up with his longtime dermatologist Elena Jones for the product line Humanrace. The skincare line will be released everywhere November 25 and includes include cleansers, creams, exfoliators, and more.

The products are also made with waste-reduction in mind. Each bottle comes with a removable chamber at the bottom to allow an easy way for refilling products without needing to toss the entire container. Speaking about the products in a statement, Pharrell said: “Humanrace Skincare doesn’t differentiate by race or gender. We’re creating for humans; we are all born in the same skin.”

Check out a preview of Pharrell’s Humanrace skincare line above.