Pinegrove Leader Evan Stephans Hall Apologized For Sexual Coercion Allegations In A Lengthy Letter

11.21.17 2 years ago

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In a letter posted to Facebook today, Pinegrove leader Evan Stephans Hall posted a lengthy apology to an unnamed person who has accused him of sexual coercion. While the specifics of the allegations are not addressed, Hall has canceled all of Pinegrove’s upcoming tour dates and says that the band is taking a break.

In the letter, Hall begins by apologizing to the person he has hurt, before outlining their relationship from his perspective, calling it “complicated” and noting that he believed that their feelings were mutual. “Still, I am coming to terms with the fact that I monumentally misread the situation,” Hall writes.

Hall then goes beyond the relationship in question and acknowledges many of the complexities at play in the power dynamics of being a man and a public figure. “I have been flirtatious with fans and on a few occasions been intimate with people that I’ve met on tour,” he notes. “I’ve reached the conclusion now that that’s not ever appropriate—even if they initiate it. There will always be an unfair power dynamic at play in these situations and it’s not ok for me to ignore that.”

Hall’s confessions continue with an apology for something he said, where he commented that he could tell which women in the audience wanted to sleep with him based on how they witnessed the concert. It’s a comment that seems to shape where a lot of Hall’s guilt is coming from, with him noting that “nobody coming to a concert deserves to be evaluated based on their sexual potential by the performer.”

Hall finishes the letter by noting that he has begun therapy and is committed to the lengthy process of accountability needed to mend the relationships he’s damaged. Whether this is all a preemptive strike against allegations that are about to surface remains to be seen, but definitely puts a halt to Pinegrove’s rise which had been rapid up to this point. Check out Hall’s full letter below.

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