Polls Suggest America Still Sides With Taylor Swift Even After Being Caught In A Lie

It would have seemed that Kim Kardashian had dealt Taylor Swift a real blow when she “exposed” Taylor with a recorded phone conversation between the “Shake It Off” singer and Kanye West. The controversy in question had to do with a lyric from Kanye’s song “Famous” about Swift, one she claimed she did not give her approval on. Kim, as you now know, proved otherwise. However, despite all this, and despite the fact it seems to reflect poorly on Swift, her popularity seems to not have wavered much, according to a new poll.

The poll in question asked a few questions related to this Swift-Kardashian-West kerfuffle. According to the results, 75 percent of people had heard of the controversy. This is not the surprising part. Fifty-five percent of the people polled said they felt favorably about Swift, as opposed to 16 percent for Kim, and 15 percent for Kanye.

Now, this may not seem terribly surprising, either. Sure, Taylor came off bad in this one situation, but she has built up a lot of goodwill that Kim and Kanye have not. It’s not like West is without his own share of controversy outside of the “Famous” situation. What’s really notable is that, in this specific situation, 34 percent of people say they were on Swift’s side, as opposed to only eight percent of people claiming to support Kim and Kanye. The other 58 percent said they either don’t care or didn’t know enough to make a decision. Perhaps this is the most surprising part of all this. People were asked for their opinion on something and decided they didn’t know enough to have an opinion.

It would appear that Taylor Swift is untouchable. That, or people really can’t stand Kim Kardashian and Kanye West, and they will take anybody’s side against them.

(Via Complex)