Pooh Shiesty Delivers A ‘Back In Blood/Guard Up’ Medley For Audiomack’s ‘Fined Tuned’

Pooh Shiesty has grown to be one of today’s most popular new rap artists. The 21-year-old Memphis native began making music when he was 18 and just a couple of years later, he became the latest addition to Gucci Mane’s 1017 Records imprint. Following a few appearances on Gucci’s So Icy Summer project, Shiesty stepped out on his own this year with the release of Shiesty Season. The effort has been received well by fans, with many picking his “Back In Blood” collaboration with Lil Durk as their favorite from the album. Just a week removed from the project’s release, Shiesty stopped by Audiomack for a new performance.

The Memphis rapper delivered a medley of “Back In Blood” and “Guard Up” for the platform’s Fine Tined series. Shiesty kicked things off with “Back In Blood” and backed by keyboard player Matt Composure, who is the only instrumentalist in the room, he raps the song up until Durk’s verse arrives. At that point, Composure makes the smooth transition to “Guard Up,” opening the door for Shiesty to begin the second song of his set, one he raps from start to finish.

Prior to his visit to the Fine Tined set, he joined Big Flock in the visual to their “187 Shiesty” track.

You can watch the performance in the video above.

Shiesty Summer is out now via 1017/Atlantic Records. Get it here.

Pooh Shiesty is a Warner Music artist. .