Police Confirm Pop Smoke’s Killers Apparently Got His Address From An Instagram Post

According to the latest report from the ongoing LAPD investigation into Pop Smoke’s murder, police have confirmed the previous suspicion that the men who allegedly shot and killed the Brooklyn rapper during a home invasion did, in fact, get his address from a photo he posted earlier on Instagram. According to Los Angeles Times crime reporter Richard Winton, Winton’s LAPD contact, Captain Jon Tippet, confirmed the information this afternoon. Apparently, the alleged killers did not know Pop Smoke, and LAPD believes after interviewing them that they did get the address from his social media.

Earlier today, the police arrested five men in connection with the case after issuing several search warrants. The case was stalled by COVID-19 prevention precautions, but police did report shortly after Pop Smoke’s murder that they had video of several men breaking into the house Pop was renting at the time of his death. In the wake of Pop Smoke’s death, the theory arose that he had been targeted for a hit, while some of his peers commented on the dangerous nature of sharing personal information — even inadvertently — as a famous rapper.

The arrests had some coincidental timing; just one week ago, Pop Smoke’s debut album, Shoot for the Stars, Aim for the Moon, was released via Republic Records.

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