Pusha T Announces His Wife Is Expecting Their First Baby With A Self-Released Rap

Pusha T is about to become a father. He and his wife, Virginia Williams, announced Monday they are expecting their first child. The couple shared their excitement on social media with a heartfelt message and a photo of an ultrasound.

Pusha announced his baby the best way he knows how — through music. The rapper turned a graphic holiday-themed image into a snippet of a self-released song. “The Franklin Saint that broke the bank / Shifting the culture they say I taint,” he raps. “I owe my tithes, the check is blank / Who are you to question how I show thanks? […] Life goes on and babies born / And mine’s on the way, couldn’t wait to say it in song.”

His wife, however, had a more traditional approach. Along with the same image, Williams posted a photo of the ultrasound. “Finally landed my dream job,” she wrote, referring to becoming a mother. “World, make way for BABY THORNTON! Arriving Gemini season 2020!! WE ARE OVER THE MOON!!!!!!!!!!!!”

The baby announcement and subsequent rap arrive shortly after Pusha remixed the theme song to HBO’s Succession. Over a robust string section, Pusha’s rap told the story of the fictional family and premiered in a season two episode. The song’s original composer, Nicholas Britell, said Pusha was a perfect addition to the track. “The greatest rappers are true virtuosos,” Britell said. “If I was going to collaborate with anyone on this track, Pusha T was the dream choice. His lyrical instincts are phenomenal, and his artistry is beyond compare.”

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