Quality Control’s CEO Pierre Thomas Condemns The Grammys For Snubbing Lil Baby’s ‘My Turn’

Earlier today, the Recording Academy unveiled their nominations for their 2021 Grammy Awards, and as per usual, people had a lot to say about whose names were called. One of the biggest surprise snubs came in the Best Rap Album category, with a large number of people disappointed that Lil Baby’s My Turn failed to get nominated. One particularly angry person was Quality Control’s CEO Pierre Thomas, who took to Twitter to express his frustrations with the award show’s My Turn snub.

“Whoever making the decisions at the Grammys ‘You all disconnected like a mf’ you don’t speak for our culture,” Thomas wrote on Twitter. “Congrats to all the nominees. #MyTurnAlbumOfTheYear.”

The Grammys have never been on the good side of hip-hop fans, so another year of anger in the hip-hop is certainly not out of the ordinary. Still, many thought Lil Baby’s album would be a shoo-in for the Best Rap Album category, as it continues to be celebrated throughout the rap community. It was also the first album to reach double-platinum status this year, leading many to assume it would be a shoo-in. Unfortunately, the Grammys thought differently.

At least Lil Baby has good company: People felt The Weeknd was snubbed but, unlike Lil Baby, who was at least nominated for Best Rap Song and Best Rap Performance, he got nada.