Quavo Is Set To Make His Feature-Film Debut Alongside Robert DeNiro In ‘Wash Me In The River’

Late last year, Migos member Offset was billed to make his feature-film debut in the Pete Davidson-starring American Sole. Now, his bandmate and cousin Quavo is set to make his own film debut in Wash Me In The River alongside none other than Robert DeNiro and John Malkovich. Quavo will take on the role of Coyote, “a ruthless and heartless drug lord,” according to a press release — a role he seems to thoroughly enjoy, judging from some of Migos’ music videos over the years. It also might explain that chainsaw chopper he showed off on his Instagram last week. If we don’t get to see him use it in the movie, the whole thing’s a sham.

Way back in 2017, Quavo was said to be writing a script for a movie starring Migos, and maybe this is the first step toward getting it produced. The trio made their collective acting debut the same year during an episode of Atlanta and since then, they’ve had various roles on shows like NCIS and Star (although, travesty of travesties, they were not cast as the hyenas in the Lion King remake), while Quavo and Offset’s boos Saweetie (Grown-ish) and Cardi B (Hustlers, Fast 9) have also picked up roles on TV and in movies themselves.

In fact, the only remaining member of the extended Migos family to not have a film or television project in the works is poor Takeoff, who will probably have to endure even more jokes at his expense as a result.

Check out Quavo’s posts about his upcoming film and stay tuned.