Quavo Responds To Saweetie’s Claim That He Cheated: ‘You Are Not The Woman I Thought You Were’

Up until Friday, Saweetie and Quavo were one of the music industry’s favorite couples. Back in October, Quavo revealed that he had first slid into her DM’s with a simple snowflake emoji, which prompted weeks of memes and fans gushing over their relationship. But it looks as though things have now come to an end. Saweetie announced that the couple had broken up Friday, and Quavo has now made his first statement about the split.

Saweetie took to Twitter to make the announcement, hinting that the main reason for their breakup was because Quavo had been unfaithful to her during their three-year relationship. “I’m single. I’ve endured too much betrayal and hurt behind the scenes for a false narrative to be circulating that degrades my character,” she wrote. “Presents don’t band aid scars and the love isn’t real when the intimacy is given to other women.”

Quavo has now broken his silence and is denying Saweetie’s allegations that he cheated. “I know you want to make this into a show so I’ll play my part just this one time,” he wrote in a tweet. “I don’t normally put my business out there, especially my personal life. I feel the need to address this so there are no false narratives.”

The rapper continued, taking aim at Saweetie’s character: “I had love for you and disappointed you did all that. You are not the woman I thought you were,” he wrote. “I wish you nothing but the best.”

According to Saweetie, though, she’s remaining unbothered. After announcing their breakup, the rapper said she had “emotionally checked out a long time ago” and is now ready for her “new chapter of elevation.”

Saweetie is a Warner Music artist. .