Quavo And Saweetie’s Elevator Fight Is Reportedly Being Investigated By The LAPD

In the wake of a video surfacing that depicts a physical altercation between rappers Quavo and Saweetie at her North Hollywood apartment, TMZ reports that the LAPD is now investigating the situation. Law enforcement sources told TMZ that the department wants to question both rappers separately to obtain a clearer idea of what happened before, during, and after the fight, as the video only catches the tail end of what appears to be an argument that escalates to Saweetie swinging at Quavo and Quavo throwing Saweetie to the ground, apparently tussling over what appeared to be a video game console. There’s no sound, either.

If investigators find grounds for a criminal case, they’d turn their findings over to the City Attorney, who would determine any charges. Neither rapper has commented on the incident since the video surfaced, but Saweetie did confirm their breakup a week before it emerged, seemingly accusing Quavo of infidelity. Meanwhile, Quavo maintained that Saweetie was not “the woman [he] thought [she was].”

Until their breakup, the former couple was the toast of social media, with their cutesy stories and interactions becoming a source of fascination for fans and prompting the view of their relationship as “goals.” Unfortunately, it turns out that the curated social media image didn’t show the whole story — it never does — and the only goal fans should have is keeping violence out of their own relationships.