Real Estate’s New Video For ‘Darling’ Proves Horses Feel Ennui Too

There’s absolutely nothing wrong with finding a sound that works and riding it until the wheels fall off. We’re still not tired of hearing the Migos bounce on top of one another, Adele can blow the roofs off of arenas until the day she dies and we’re always going to be here for Real Estate sounding like the chillest dudes in the room. The masters of laid-back noodling are coming back with In Mind, their first album since 2014’s Atlas. And if the lead single “Darling” is any indication, it will be more of the excellent same.

The video — which was directed by the collective Weird Days — does little to disrupt the mellow vibe. Against a white backdrop and wearing matching blue coats, the band stands nearly still and plays the song. If it weren’t for one very special thousand-plus pound guest, “Darling” would be in the running for least remarkable video of the year. But when all of your songs sound like spinning your wheels in cookie-cutter towns, maybe that’s appropriate. Check out the video up top and the cover art and full tracklist for In Mind — which drops on March 17 via Domino — below.


1. “Darling”
2. “Serve The Song”
3. “Stained Glass”
4. “After The Moon”
5. “Two Arrows”
6. “White Light”
7. “Holding Pattern”
8. “Time”
9. “Diamond Eyes”
10. “Same Sun”
11. “Saturday”