The Reason For Bobby Shmurda’s Parole Denial Has Been Revealed In Court Documents

Many hip-hop fans have spent the last year anticipating the early release of Bobby Shmurda from prison, knowing that if the rapper’s parole was approved he could be freed about a year shy of his December 2021 release date. In early August a court date was revealed for his hearing, which was subsequently delayed nearly a month. It finally took place in mid-September, but unfortunately the rapper’s parole was denied. The reason was not revealed until now thanks to court documents obtained by TMZ, which show that the decision is based on the rapper’s turbulent time in prison.

Members of the parole board reportedly denied Shmurda of his parole due to “multiple” violations he received during his prison stint, which include allegedly possessing a shank, fighting, and drug procession. However, the documents do shed a light on the improvement Shmurda believes he’s made during his sentence. They reveal that Shmurda doesn’t view himself as impulsive anymore and that he walks out of bad situations when they present themselves, saying that he feels too “grown” to be fighting. The documents also show Shmurda’s desire to continue his music career and engage in outreach programs aimed at troubled youths in need of guidance. Transcripts from the court documents show that Shmurda now views himself as a “leader” and not a follower.

(via TMZ)