Anthony Kiedis Is A Silver-Painted Street Performer In Red Hot Chili Peppers’ ‘Go Robot’

Earlier this year, the Red Hot Chili Peppers dropped the music video for their song “Dark Necessities” off their most recent album, The Getaway. It was pretty cool, featuring the band performing in some sort of cabin and also some badass lady skateboarders. All told, it was a pretty normal, reasonable video. The same cannot be said for the music video they just released for the song “Go Robot.”

It’s kind of hard to explain the video. It sort of needs to be seen to be understood, although even then you might not understand it, because it’s really weird and sort of goofy. Inspired by the ’70s film Saturday Night Fever, Anthony Kiedis stars as one of those silver-painted street performers who pretends to be a robot, only it seems that Kiedis actually is a robot. A robot that is only wearing a bit of covering over his genitals, on top of that (near nudity is just a habit for RHCP at this point). Hopefully he is supposed to be a real robot in the video, otherwise the scenes of him accosting women in the street could otherwise be pretty creepy.

In the end, this dancing robot man makes his way to a disco for a dance contest where he meets a robot woman. Flea plays several different characters in wigs and wacky clothes. If this sounds interesting to you, then this is definitely a music video to check out. You won’t see many like it, for better or worse.

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