Rico Nasty Had Her Shoes Confiscated By Airport Security Because They Were ‘Weapons’

Rising punk-rap star Rico Nasty has developed a reputation for donning some truly outlandish outfits since she started blowing up over the past year, but one of her bizarre adornments almost got her in hot water with airport security according to a video she posted to Twitter last night.

Before she posted it, she prefaced it by making sure everyone knew it was no big deal. “I have a video of me crying and it’s so funny,” she wrote. “The fact that it’s IN the airport y’all LMFAOAOOAO omg.” After fans requested — or outright demanded — that she drop the video, she posted it and sure enough, there she was in an airport restroom, clearly teary-eyed and a little distraught — and wearing socks with no shoes.

“Some people are going to think I’m dramatic for this video,” she says between sniffles. “But I’m getting so tired of people at the f*cking airport taking my stuff. Look at me y’all. I don’t have no f*cking shoes on because they just took my f*cking Crocs. Y’all know I wear those Crocs all the time. They’re like my favorite shoes.” When questioned about the reason behind her favorite shoes being confiscated, Rico later explained: “THEY SAID THEY WERE WEAPONS ! Bc they have spikes.”

Interestingly enough, Rico notes that her best friend has the same pair but has always traveled without harassment, prompting some fans to wonder whether Rico was being discriminated against. All was well that ended well, though. The rapper noted she got the shoes back and joked that “sometimes u gotta cry then laugh at how dumb u sound.”

Maybe in the future, she can consult with Post Malone to get a pair of Crocs without spikes on them and pack her favorite pair in her checked luggage. Check out more of Rico’s distinctive fashion in the videos for “Hard” and her XXL Freshman Cypher.

Rico Nasty is a Warner Music artist. Uproxx is an independent subsidiary of Warner Music Group.