Rihanna And Jennifer Lawrence Are Now Hanging Out. We Have Many Questions.

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07.02.13 5 Comments

jlaw rihanna

1. Can I be your friend, Rihanna Lawrence? (J-Ri?)

2. Please?

3. I swear I’m not a creep?

4. Though I’m guessing you think I am, considering I phrased that as a question?

5. Have you ever been blown away by a mid-1990s indie rock mixtape?

6. I can make you one, unless you’d rather hear some Boyz II Men deep cuts instead?

7. Could you hunger games Chris Brown?

8. If so, would you like the Nobel Prize tomorrow or on TGIF?

9. What IS the deal with airplane food?

10. In conclusion, J-Ri, you’re the best. Not a question.

rihanna jlaw

(Via Instagram)

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