Rihanna Admitted She Likes To ‘Antagonize’ Fans Who Ask About New Music

Two weeks ago, fans commemorated the four-year anniversary of Rihanna’s eighth album, Anti. The anniversary served as a small celebration in what has also been an often frustrating wait for her ninth album, to the point where Rihanna is almost always asked about the album at every public appearance she makes.

Celebrating the launch of her Fenty 2-20 collection in New York City this past Friday, Rihanna was once again asked about the album and stayed tight-lipped about it, as she’s done time and again.

Rihanna kept it simple and said “To be continued” when asked about her ninth album by Entertainment Tonight. She even poked fun at The Navy who constantly pesters her about the upcoming album. “I like to antagonize my fans a little bit. Well, they antagonize me, too! So, they get it right back.”

That same day, Rihanna also took a moment to chat with fans who flooded her Instagram comment section with questions about the album. Giving them a taste of their own medicine, Riri delivered responses that faired on the petty side of things more than anything.

Aside from the music, Rihanna also spoke about the launch of her new Fenty line.

“I’ve always tried to stick with things that I enjoy doing and that I’m passionate about,” she said. “Fashion, being creative, that’s one of those things — it doesn’t matter the outlet, I always enjoy it.” In an interview with Entertainment Tonight, she would later speak on the passing of Kobe Bryant, recalling the thoughts she had when watching the Laker legend play.

“To see him play, there’s just something that comes over him, that you just can’t even — it’s not even tangible,” she said. “You can’t even understand it. It was beautiful to see his career. It was beautiful to see him play.’

[via Entertainment Tonight]